Writing challenge using conectives

Not so long ago there was a family, the callus’s (two girls), they where on a holiday in Japan they were staying in a little cottage in the middle of a snowy field. In the next field over there was another family, the Tangs, (three brothers and one sister )they lived a hectic life so they really needed that holiday.

The oldest boy Nathan really loved to wonder around the fields. One day the callus girls Annie and Chloe were playing hide and seek just around the cottage when Nathan came walking right pass the little cottage the callus’s were staying in. However when Annie caught one glimpse of him she forgot all about playing hide and seek with her sister.

By that time Nathan had stopped by a tree near the little cottage Annie was now gazing into Nathan’s eyes. Nathan could now feel someones eyes on him, He looked in Annies direction she quickly turned her head pretending not to notice the boy. He started to head back to his cottage as a result of that situation Annie could not stop thinking about Nathan.

That night is was dark wet and cold. When everyone was asleep A kidnapper broke into the Callus’s house. Nathan could her something going on so he went to go see. AllΒ  the Callus’s were out of the house except for one. Annie. Annie was being chased by the kidnapper’s all around the house soon Annie got trapped in a corner. Nathan couldn’t watch anymore he ran into the cottage and becauseΒ of Nathan heroic act Annie made it out safely.

The police arrived soon after and the kidnapper was arrested. After the kidnapper had been taken away Annie went up to Nathan and said a big true hearted thank you. She told him all her feelings and Nathan agreed with her, and they lived a happy life together.


The End


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